Custom Applique Pokemon Embroidered Mask

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Stock is very limited! If you have your own kitty fabric that you would like to turn into a mask, send me a message!

Your new face mask is made out of 100% Cotton fabric with embroidered edges and woven elastic. The inside has a stabilizer interfacing to help hold it's shape and as a pipe cleaner at the bridge of the nose. The Pipe cleaner is easily removable and replaceable.

-Each Mask measures Just under 7 inches wide by about 4.5 inches tall

-100% Cotton

- Kids sizes available upon request

-Ear Savers Available upon request as an add on - Stock is limited!

-Elastic bands will be 1/4 inch in width and default at 9 inches in length. It will be white. If you need the elastic to be a different length, please specify :) Black elastic may be substituted if my stock is running low. i have a very small amount of black elastic i use as a backup :)

MIMIKYU NOTE - New more accurate color fabric coming within the next day or two.

The CDC says a regular washing machine should do the job. Place inside a undergarment bag to prevent elastic from getting caught. If the mask looses it’s shape in the wash, you can iron it flat. Ironing will also help to sanitize the mask! I've heard of people placing their masks over a pot of boiling water for a bit to have the steam sanitize their mask too! Take care not to get burned! Personally, i've been sanitizing my masks by just ironing them on high for a few minutes. Keep the iron moving so you don't burn or scorch the fabric. Don't leave irons unattended.